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Invisible tattoos

Show #195 on February 10, 2019…In which Mr. Bear reads a beautifully dark and unsettling fairy tale at Electric Literature by the fabulous K.C. Mead-Brewer. A lonely girl, vampire bats, ghosts, the dysfunction of family, and terrors— real and imagined — all come into play in this chilling tale that will leave a mark on your heart.

Audible edibles

Show #194 on February 3, 2019…In which Mr. Bear celebrates five years of the Violet Hour Saloon by reading some Gertrude Stein. Pour a glass of bubbly and enjoy this feast of words!

Top cat

Show #193 on January 20, 2019…In which Mr. Bear plays all the characters — including a talking cat with political ambition — in Arthur Miller's radio drama "The Pussycat and the Expert Plumber Who Was a Man."

For the birds

Show #192 on January 13, 2019…In which Mr. Bear reads excerpts from an 1883 newsletter on ornithology. Bird enthusiasts around the country identify nests and species, count and steal eggs, stalk and hunt specimens, and more. Hear their reports along with plenty of bird music.

Hearts alight

Show #191 on December 23, 2018…In which Mr. Bear reads prose from Barrelhouse Magazine's wondrous seasonal issue curated by Chris Gonzalez. Work by Joe Galván, Stephanie Jimenez, Nick Farriella, and Marcos S. Gonsalez shines a light on holiday rituals, family, love, memories, loss, urban legends, and more.

Show #190 on December 9, 2018…In which Mr. Bear takes you to the theater, reading Floyd Dell's "Sweet and Twenty" and George Bernard Shaw's "How He Lied to Her Husband." Pour yourself a highball and enjoy these farcical takes on love and marriage.

Snowy idylls

Show #189 on December 2, 2018…In which Mr. Bear reads John Greenleaf Whittier's "Snow-Bound" and "A Geologist's Winter Walk" from John Muir's "Steep Trails."

X marks the heart

Show #188 on November 18, 2018…In which Mr. Bear reads stories that will shatter your heart from Kate Gehan's "The Girl & The Fox Pirate." Map thieves, hummingbirds, dissected sharks, suburban dads, and more tenderly and brutally illustrate the grief, loss, and love we all endure.

Fiercely gleaming

Show #187 on November 11, 2018…In which Mr. Bear reads the sparkling prose of Damhnait Monaghan — regrets, reservations, ruses, and reminiscences shine through her words to pierce your heart.

Fragments of light

Show #186 on November 4, 2018…In which Mr. Bear reads from Maria Romasco Moore's Rose Metal Press book "Ghostographs," a luminous collection of flash paired with vintage photos. These pieces sift through bits of the past, hold memories up to the light, and stitch stories out of elusive ghosts.

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