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Show #218 on September 1, 2019…In which Mr. Bear kicks off September with work by Melissa Ragsly to infiltrate your heart. Missing sisters, imaginary brothers, the secrets that seeds hold and keep—these stories tenderly expose the relentless change and vulnerability in our lives.

Surf’s up

Show #217 on August 25, 2019…In which Mr. Bear continues reading an old favorite, James Marshall’s chapter book mystery “A Summer in the South.” What are the baboon ladies of the Traveling String Quartet hiding? Is Miss Chicken as serene as she seems? Will the curse of King Kluk come true or can the vacationing detective Eleanor Owl crack the case in time? Part two of two.


Show #216 on August 18, 2019…In which Mr. Bear begins to read a childhood favorite, James Marshall’s “A Summer in the South,” a chapter book mystery featuring the detective Eleanor Owl, who is vacationing at a beachside hotel when suspicious things start happening. Part one of two.

Show #215 on August 4, 2019…In which Mr. Bear reads from The Norwegian Fairy Book. Listen to tales of princesses, evil stepmothers, magic forests, trolls, runaway pancakes, clever pigs, giant goose eggs, and more!

Out of disaster

Show #214 on July 28, 2019…In which Mr. Bear reads powerful, searing work by Megan Pillow Davis that grapples with issues of motherhood, infertility, sexism, and survival—in a man’s world, in an abusive relationship, in an elevator, in an apocalypse.

Bits and specks

Show #213 on July 21, 2019…In which Mr. Bear reads the stunning work of K.B. Carle, whose prose examines every subject—from dandelions to slavery to the clarinet to forced relocation—under an intimate, unflinching lens.

Show #212 on July 14, 2019…In which Mr. Bear reads work by children’s author Clara Dillingham Pierson (1868-1952). Peer into the intimate daily lives of groundhogs, night moths, earthworms, rabbits, and other creatures with these delightful stories.

Show #211 on July 7, 2019…In which Mr. Bear reads from Kathleen Rooney’s “The Listening Room,” a look at the life and paintings of the Surrealist artist René Magritte through the eyes of his wife and dog. Let Georgette and Loulou the Pomeranian be your guide on a search for the meaning of art and life.

Show #210 on June 30, 2019…In which Mr. Bear reads the work of author, journalist, and activist Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar-Nelson (1875-1935). Thoughts on remembrance, revenge, marriage, fate, and the brutal game of life.

Show #209 on June 9, 2019…In which Mr. Bear reads the stunning work of Tara Isabel Zambrano. These stories take a scalpel to the human heart, exposing the tangled accumulation of hope, desire, disappointment, love, and loss beating there.

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