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Show #252 on June 28, 2020…In which Mr. Bear reads excerpts from Tyrese Coleman’s stunning “How to Sit.” What is remembered in the body, in the mind, in the heart? What survives over generations? Who tells our stories, and how do we transcend the limits of narration? Blurring the boundaries between fiction and nonfiction, this memoir in stories and essays explores identity, grief, family history, and the truth of memory.

Show #251 on June 21, 2020…In which Mr. Bear reads excerpts from Mary-Kim Arnold’s “Litany for the Long Moment,” a poetic excavation into adoption, identity, language, and the intricately complicated landscapes of family history and memory.

Show #250 on June 14, 2020…In which Mr. Bear reads from Roy G. Guzmán’s incandescent book “Catrachos.” These searing poems—on bodies and borders, identity and immigration, queerness and love, language and loss—will light your mouths and ears on fire.

Show #249 on June 7, 2020…In which Mr. Bear reads the names of just a few of the Black lives killed by police, as well as an excerpt from a lecture on slavery by Frederick Douglass.

Show #248 on May 31, 2020…In which Mr. Bear reads from “Audubon’s Sparrow” by Juditha Dowd, a biography in poems exploring the life of Lucy Bakewell, wife of John James Audubon, and the question of what it means to sacrifice for someone else’s art.

Show #247 on May 17, 2020…In which Mr. Bear reads stories from Chuck Augello’s “The Inexplicable Grey Space We Call Love.” Discover disappearing mothers, little green men, baby goats, mysterious packages, and more in these explorations of what we can and can’t know about the people and relationships threading through our lives.

Show #246 on May 10, 2020…In which Mr. Bear fills your plate with stories from Jules Archer’s “Little Feasts.” Gorge yourself on family secrets, lies, revenge, fierce women, and more in these tender and disturbing morsels of human relationships.

Nothing is known

Show #245 on May 3, 2020…In which Mr. Bear reads some more stories by Virginia Woolf: thoughts on the perils of reading, the role of women in society, the meaning of life, the passage of time.

Blue are the ribs

Show #244 on April 26, 2020…In which Mr. Bear reads stories by Virginia Woolf: a house lovingly haunted, an exploration of color, a day in Kew Gardens, an evening of music, a heron’s flight.

‘Tis Death I wed

Show #243 on April 19, 2020…In which Mr. Bear concludes the performance of Sophocles’ “Antigone.” Spoiler alert: it’s a tragedy.

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